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Foresight Publications is the world's leading publisher of motoring books written by James Ruppert. Nuff said. 

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Flyscreen Queen, it's summer and you need screens to keep out flys and wasps and bees and spiders, so there and buy some. 


MOT Angel is a great place to find a new MOT garage, to look up your MOT date if your don’t know it. Even if you don’t want one of their ‘Pass Guarantees’ or your banger is just too old, they have lots of garages offering MOTs from £25 and services from £75, which is ideal for keeping your Banger on the road and money in your pocket.

Used Car Expert is the only place to go if you are in the market for a used car and haven’t got a clue what to do next. First of all there are hundreds of real world reviews. Then you can search through a few hundred thousand cars for sale. Their price guide makes sure you pay the right price and the free buying guides give you the inside information on what to look out for. Plus you will find all the key facts and figures you need such as running costs and performance. So yes absolutely everything you need is in one place. Go there.


Does the world need another irreverent, silly, car based website? Course it does, especially as this is the place where you can follow the adventures of the super sexy Zilla the Repo Girl. You can also add your equally silly comments. It will be as big as Facebook, eventually...

Run by the incredibly dedicated and knowledgable Keith Adams Austin Rover Online is a superb place to go if like us you love anything made by BMC, BL or Rover, or even MG Rover in the last 50 years. The archive pictures are amazing and the stories utterly fascinating. It is a friendly place so if you have an opinion or a question about these great cars this is the site to visit.

If you have never heard of HJ I would be very surprised indeed. There isn’t much he does not know about all sorts of cars, ancient and modern. His site is packed with information an excellent forum. One of the best bits is the model by model breakdown so you know what to look for. So there is plenty on used cars, plus if you have a rich relative or friend who is poised to buy a new car then get in their good books or last will and testament by telling them where to go for a discount. HJ knows everyone. So click on his ugly mug to go there, but do come back.

We like warranties at Bangernomics, providing your car qualifies for cover. Certainly if you are new to used cars and have previously relied on the manufacturer cover one of Warranty Direct’s policies will be very reassuring. In my experience they have the clearest terms and are really friendly.

We absolutely adore Dep-o which is as good as any classic magazine you can buy in the shops, but it is free. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous and much better than the amateur snaps here. The most important thing is though that they absolutely love cars, in particular the old and interesting ones which they prove can be upgraded to modern standards and give you so much fun for less than the cost of some dull, depreciating modern. Yes they know Bangernomics as well as we do. Just in case you wondered the Dep-o is their big shed full of old cars that they tinker with. If that sounds heavenly, then it is. Conclusive proof that running old cars is never boring, spend some time there, you won’t regret it. Click on their groovy logo.


First cars are very problematic so it is a good job that there is this site to help. It’s got loads of advice for younger drivers and a guide to the best new and used deals. A good place to point a youngster who is asking far too many questions.

Bangernomics keith jones

We like Keith Jones although we are not sure why. It could be because he has a fresh outlook on things automotive and possibly because he knows everything there is to know about cars made in the 1990s and will have a book coming out. Read his Bloggisms and buy his book when it comes out.

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Ralph Hosier is a proper engineer fella with all sorts of tools in his workshop. He knows how motoring things actually work so well worth going to his site to get educated and entertained.


Petrol Blog is another one of those websites with people spouting stuff about cars. The difference is though that MajorGav knows his stuff and also goes out and buys and drives Bangers. He also gave Bangernomics a super review, which was jolly nice. Go and have a look.


Bangernomics has a punky younger brother and it is called Rat Look. We love their approach to low cost and no nonsense motoring, just take a look at that brilliant old Herald. At Bangernomics we are not great fans of washing our cars and being a Rat looks like huge amounts of fun and there is a brilliant profile of what its all about at our mates Dep-O’s website. Join the young wipper snappers by all means but not forget about your crusty uncles at Bangernomics.

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